Best First Night Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Try Soon 24
Best First Night Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Try Soon 24

40+ Best First Night Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Try Soon

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So, the wedding is over, you have just arrived home from the honeymoon and you are ready for your new life as man and wife to begin. What are you going to do to make your home perfect?

The first thing you must do is designing your first marital bedroom. Having a nice bedroom will set the stage for the rest of your life. You will be able to feel more settled into the roles as man and wife, if you bedroom is perfect.

You might find the task of designing a bedroom quite daunting. This is because it might be the first time that you have joint design tastes. You won’t just be designing the bedroom for you; you will be designing for your partner as well.


You should make sure that you design this room together because it will be the first thing that you will have done together. You might disagree on every bits and piece, but the important thing here is to learn to compromise and this could be the bonding experience that you need.

Other people might weigh in and they might want to help, but you have to politely tell them that you both want to do this together. If you design the room together, it will mean more to you in the long run.


The first thing you need to agree on is the bed. This is where you will be spending all of your nights together, so you need to make sure that you choose a bed that is comfortable for both of you.

Due to height differences between a man and wife, you will have to make sure that the tallest person can fit on the bed, without having some part of them hanging over the edge.

Some people have used a design that they have seen in a hotel bedroom and they have had their bed custom-made. You could actually base the bed on the design of the bed from your honeymoon suite. It will probably be a four-poster bed, so it might be a bit more expensive, but it will be worth the money to have this sort of keepsake from the honeymoon.

Bedside Tables

You have to make sure that you have bedside tables on either side of the bed. You will put any drinks, books, or pictures on the bedside table and you will be able to store things in the drawers.

Therefore, the bedside table on your side will have your stuff in, and on the other side, your spouse’s stuff. This might be the only part of the room that is personal to you.


If you have the space, you must try to have his and hers wardrobes so you can have some organisation in the room. This will also save time when you are both getting ready for work.

Can you imagine the stress of getting ready for work and having to get past someone else to get to your clothes? It could cause a lot of unnecessary tension within the marriage.

Dressing Table

If possible, you should try to have a dressing table in the bedroom. The wife will mostly use this table, so that they can put their makeup on and do their hair in peace.

If you don’t have a dressing table, then she will have to use the bathroom and that could lead to discussions about spending the longest time in the bathroom, which will lead to arguments.

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