Creative Winter Apartment Design Ideas With Boho Style 36
Creative Winter Apartment Design Ideas With Boho Style 36

30+ Creative Winter Apartment Design Ideas With Boho Style

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It’s that blustery time of year again. The Thanksgiving turkey leftovers have finally been finished, jackets have replaced t-shirts and board shorts, and pretty soon the snow will be flying. Winter can be among the coziest of seasons in a properly situated apartment, and taking a few advance preparations can turn your pad into a comfy winter wonderland in no time.

While the grounds of an apartment community are generally the responsibility of the management staff, taking some general common sense personal precautions might go a long way on your behalf. Pick up a bag or two of salt/sand mixture to have on hand, especially if you live on a second or third floor apartment. Sprinkling some outside your doorstep and near the top of the stairs could help prevent a serious injury when they inevitably ice, and the ankle you save may be your own.

Many apartment communities are very well insulated, but winter drafts somehow seem to infiltrate even the newest of constructions. Door-length style stoppers are usually effective but can also be expensive, so try getting some low-priced fabric and stuffing from your local craft store and making your own. Also, make sure all of the apartment windows are firmly shut and locked to further help keep the winter wind from slipping inside.

If you happen to have a fireplace in your apartment, be sure and do your best to remove old ashes and soot from last season’s use. Many hardware and grocery stores also carry ‘cleaning logs’, which burn clean and remove stuck particles from the upper levels of the chimney with treated smoke. Be sure to keep all flammable objects…such as blankets, plants and pet toys…far away from the fireplace at all times.

Finally, try to remember that financial savings can be as important as safety issues. It’s easy to slip into the habit of just cranking the apartment thermostat every time the temperature dips below 50 degrees, often resulting in eye-popping heating bills just in time for Christmas. So unless the snow is flying and Jack Frost is literally knocking at your window, spare yourself some expense by donning a wool sweater instead of basking in an 80 degree living room while watching the Travel Channel’s ‘History of Jamaica’. Remember – you’ll be savin’ some money, mahn!

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