Charming Makeover Design Ideas For Living Room To Try In 2019 43
Charming Makeover Design Ideas For Living Room To Try In 2019 43

40+ Charming Makeover Design Ideas For Living Room To Try In 2019

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In these economic times you may not be able to afford to completely remodel you entire living room, but adding accent pillows can give your living room an entirely new look and personality.

Leather accent pillows are rich and supple and add a flair to even the dullest room, making it come alive and begging guests to curl up on your sofa or in an arm chair and enjoy a visit.

Whether your home is rustic, country or ultra modern design there is a color, design, and style of leather pillow that is perfect for you.

Rustic Decor

Just imagine that sofa with the big wooden arms and the soft cushions with that wooded scene printed on the fabric. What could be more perfect that a square pillow made of rich chocolate brown with a round golden pillow in front of it in each corner of that sofa. The soft leather gleaming in the sun or by the light of the fireplace or wood stove. Picture the welcoming warmth this will bring to the entire room.

Another pillow or two in each of the armchairs and the entire room has taken on a whole new look and feel. It just invites you to linger.

Country Decor

Whether your home has a simple country decor or has a western theme there are leather pillows designs that will add a touch of charm to your home. Not only can you get pillows in bright bold colors, but you can also purchase checkered pillow, real black and white cowhide, and fringed to set off your decor.

There are even lace-up pillows that will remind you of a saddle, as well as ones with pictures on them to add an even more artistic touch to plain furniture.

You can even add a giant floor pillow for the children to curl up on while watching television or those romantic nights in front of a roaring fire.

Ultra Modern

Modern and modern living rooms can really be offset with some of the newer designs in leather pillows. Choose from designs with names like gold lime spike, red coil, red dot, and bright quad. These pillows look like modern works of art and will turn a plain sofa or arm chair into a statement of your personality.

Solid light colored sofas and chairs will look especially well with some of these bold designs, while pillows in bold solid colors will set off furniture with a design.

Leather pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet anyone’s decorating needs.

You can get designs that look like animal skins. Some companies allow you to design your own with your favorite photo, whether it is your beloved pet, a child, or a portrait of yourself or your garden.

Photo pillows will also make great gifts for grandparents, anniversaries or any special occasion.

Giving your living room a makeover and a new personality is as simple as adding a selection of beautiful and versatile leather pillows. What are you waiting for?

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