Cool Diy Rain Garden Design Ideas To Try In 2019 03
Cool Diy Rain Garden Design Ideas To Try In 2019 03

20+ Cool Diy Rain Garden Design Ideas To Try In 2019

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A rain garden is a section of a person’s yard which soaks up the rainwater that pours down from the roof, and off of driveways and lawns. When whole neighborhoods or communities work together on this, it can lower the risk of flooding and overloading storm drains.

Without them, the water runs into drains and streams. The pollutants it picks up along the way enter the waterways. Rain gardens deposit the pollutants, such as fertilizer back into the soil. They then absorb the bad elements in the storm water and purify it.

A rain garden is designed to mimic nature. You need to make a depression and fill it with plants that will collect the rainwater as it runs off the building, or across the lawn and driveway. You need to select plants that can handle over watering. Rushes, ferns, wildflowers, sedges, shrubs and trees will absorb the water and then release it slowly, picking up the fertilizers, motor oils, and other contaminants along the way.

Rain gardens do more than reduce pollution and flooding. They also stop erosion, by stopping the runoff and slowly filtering it through the soil to supply all the surrounding plants. These gardens become a natural habitat for a great variety of birds and butterflies. An added bonus is that they require far less maintenance than lawns and formal gardens.

You can set up your rain garden on one level or connecting levels, as long as they drain nicely into each other. Place them in natural low spots, or dig new depressions under pour spouts and add swales to maximize their water retention. Try to use plants that are native to your area.

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