Fabulous Garden Design Ideas For Amazing Bungalow In 2019 32
Fabulous Garden Design Ideas For Amazing Bungalow In 2019 32

40+ Fabulous Garden Design Ideas For Amazing Bungalow In 2019

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It is indeed the cherished dream of many house owners to have their Home or bungalow surrounded by lush green lawn bedecked with beautiful vibrant garden filled with fragrance of flowers with fascinating colors.

Here are 4 vital tips and tricks which will help in successfully planning and designing your own Garden.

Taking stock of what you already have and working with it

Firstly assess and analyze what you already have in your garden. You will be amazed to find that you already have most of the things required to make your dream Garden and by introducing few minor changes you can easily convert the existing yard into a most appealing and attractive one.

Climatic condition and quality of soil are the main factors to be considered while framing your overall Garden plan and planting decisions.Ascertain whether the climate is damp or dry, generally sunny or rainy. Is the climate extreme with hot summer and cold winter? Ascertain what kind of natural soil your area has? Is it acidic, alkaline or is it sandy or black clay? Answers to these will enable you to determine which plants you can grow naturally and which plants would require soil improvements.

Finalizing on the pattern of garden you want

Next step is to decide on the style of the Garden you want to possess and enjoy. Gardens are developed around many themes, moods and tastes.Yours can be a formal Garden with symmetrical demarcated line with crisp edges and limited plant variety or it could wear an informal casual look with less of strict boundaries and a wide variety of plants.

Select a style based on the overall architectural layout of your house. The style of the garden should sync with shape and size of the land so that it provides harmonious integrated look to your house. Also analyze the pros and cons inherent in your yard and gardening space. Gardening theme should evolve out of profound research, observations, scanning magazines and books. Whatever theme or styles you choose ensure that your space can accommodate the style.

Deciding on the budget for the project

Having good garden in your property costs money. Fertilizers, pesticides, big and special plants, gardening tools and implements, garden furnishing and decor all cost money and can create deep hole in your pocket if proper financial planning is not done. It is therefore imperative that you set aside a budgeted amount for the Gardening project.

Here is some money saving ideas:

Grow plant from the seed, try to get plants from other gardeners as some may give the surplus plants or may like to exchange plants. It will be ideal to join local Gardeners club which can provide platform for bargain transaction. Manufacture your own fertilizers by accumulating the dry fallen leaves and converting them into compost rather than dumping them into the local landfill. Explore your local yard sale, junk yards and antique shop where you may be lucky to strike bargain deals and end up getting pots, gates, trellises fencing and so on at cheap price.

Engaging professionals for your garden plans

If you feel that it is too time consuming to undertake the project on your own you can hire a contractor for the job. While choosing the professional, invite quotations from 2 or 3 local contractors who have done similar work in and around your area. Get the initial assessment done, finalize the cost and decide on the deliverable. Ensure that the contractor is both licensed and insured.

No doubt, gardening requires some exertion but it is a healthy exercise too. A sense of accomplishment creeps in when the colorful flower buds are blossomed and the entire atmosphere is filled with rich fragrance. Your labor is highly rewarded. Gardening fosters immense happiness that nourishes body and soul.

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