Modern Dresser Design Ideas For Makeup Room To Copy Today 39
Modern Dresser Design Ideas For Makeup Room To Copy Today 39

40+ Modern Dresser Design Ideas For Makeup Room To Copy Today

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If you’re a woman who has to put on her face in the morning before she even brushes her teeth, you know the importance of having a good place in your home to do your makeup. Although many women turn to their bathroom for these accommodations, the problem there can often lie with the space issues of the room. Bathrooms are notoriously small, often making counter space hard to come by. If you also style your hair in the bathroom, your sink may already be cluttered with straighteners and curling irons. The last thing that you need is to drop an expensive eye shadow palette onto the floor only to have the packed powder shatter and become useless.

Installing a makeup space into your bedroom is absolutely something to consider, especially if your bathroom is already cluttered. Devoting a small space in your bedroom is not only convenient, it’s much easier than many assume. All you’ll truly need to add is a shelf, a mirror, and some vanity style lighting.

Many bathrooms don’t have large mirrors, so having the luxury to choose which size mirror you’d like to install is a major bonus for your new space. You’ll also be able to adjust the height of the mirror perfectly to your level. Being able to customize the mirror’s style and height is just one of the many advantages of your own personal makeup station.

Installing a shelf at a convenient height directly below your mirror will give you plenty of space to lay out the tools you need to complete your look. If you feel as though just one shelf isn’t enough, it’s a great idea to get an organizer caddy to slide underneath your shelf. You’ll be able to organize your products to your liking and with the extra space – you’ll even have the capacity to store hair care products, as well. You’ll be able to get all of your makeup and even some of your hairspray and gel out of the cramped bathroom and into an organized and convenient space.

The final, and most important, aspect of this project is the lighting. Lighting plays a huge role when it comes to doing your makeup. With the wrong lighting, you could leave the house thinking you look one way, but once you get into proper lighting, you can realize that you’ve been walking around looking quite differently. Installing vanity style lighting doesn’t have to mean installing an entirely new electrical scheme in your walls. Many hardware stores offer vanity lighting strips that can be installed quickly and easily. Simply plug them into a nearby outlet and you instantly have beautiful light wherever you need it. Vanity style lighting will not only make you feel pampered, but you’ll be getting professional style lighting right in your bedroom. For any woman who considers herself a makeup connoisseur, she knows exactly how important this factor is.

Regardless of whether you’d like to free up space in your bathroom or you’re just looking to create a clean and organized makeup station for yourself, this easy project will help you achieve both of those goals. And for all those women whose husbands are constantly nagging about the minimal sink space in the bathroom, everyone will be a happy camper upon the completion of this fun and easy project.

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