Unique Diy Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You 37
Unique Diy Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You 37

30+ Unique Diy Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Contemporary country style decorating is about clean lines, basic structure, good bones, soft color schemes and simple furniture. It’s an aesthetic that is warm, inviting and hearkens back to a simpler time when design was basic and everything was well made.

Keep reading to learn how you can implement a contemporary country style in your home while still staying on budget.

1. Start by painting the room in a subdued color, typically a cream or soft white with a milk-paint finish. You want a color that will not take away from the simple beauty of the room and will show age with grace. For just a few dollars a gallon, you will be that much closer to your country style.

2. Look for country furniture that exudes a simple, but sturdy feel. The look you are going for is rustic and worn, but strong. Ask around at flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales and antique markets for “farm furniture” or “shaker furniture.”

Typically, you are looking for basic items that are simply colored, made of wood and free of flourishes or intricate design embellishments.

3. Tone down your window dressings with simple, single-sheeted, white or gingham-print curtains. Instead of splurging on fancy blinds and intricate curtain designs, opt for a simpler look that is fresh and will give your home a farmhouse-feel.

4. Choose country themed fabrics like checked ginghams or tiny, vintage prints. Most boutique upholsterers will carry replicas of classic patterns, or you can go hunting in antique stores and fabric shops for authentic, vintage fabrics. One enterprising designer made country style curtains out of a 1930s farm dress.

5. Update your fixtures with rustic-themed light fixtures, wrought iron light switches and antique vent coverings. Look for classic antiques, or opt for newer items that are made to look weathered.

6. Make new furniture old by distressing it yourself. Start by battering the wood with a hammer, carving scratches with a knife and digging a couple wormholes with your axe. Then sand down the entire piece to remove any leftover paint or finish. Follow this with a dark glaze that will work to highlight your newly afflicted scars. And finally, an application of clear paste wax will seal it.

7. Look for handmade accessories to add a final rustic touch to your space. Wicker baskets, hand-knit blankets and hand-shaped pottery are all beautiful accent pieces that can really pull out the splendor in a room without breaking the bank.

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