Cozy Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget To Try Asap 44
Cozy Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget To Try Asap 44

40+ Comfy Diy Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget That Will Impress You

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If what you see when you walk into your living room is a beat up coffee table, bare walls, and Mom’s sea foam green with mustard yellow paisleys couch, you seriously need a change. You need something that fits you! But what if you don’t have the funds to buy that gorgeous $2,000 nutmeg suede sofa in last month’s Pottery Barn catalog? Are you stuck? Absolutely not.

Here’s how to make do with what you have, add some newness-and make it look great for under $100.

1. It’s not a new sofa… but it’s new to you

Slip covers are the best way to go. For cheap slip covers, hit up your outlet malls or get online. The cheapest site I’ve found for slip covers is They even have nutmeg suede slipcovers! It’s not Pottery Barn, but hey, it’s not sea foam green either. I’ve seen them on this site for: $29.99.

2. Spice up the “new sofa”

Add throw pillows. For cheap yet nice throw pillows, my favorite place is Ross (TJ Maxx and Marshalls also work). Hopefully you have one of these stores in your city! Another alternative is to get throw pillow slip covers too. I’ve seen new throw pillows at Ross for as cheap as: $7.99

3. From the windows to the wall

Pictures say a thousand words, and estate sales are the best places to find these pictures. Painted pictures especially make you seem like you given a lot of thought to decorating your apartment-oh, and that you’re also well-rounded and cultured (as long as they aren’t paintings of an old lady on a bear skin rug). You can spend around $20 for 2.

4. From pictures to picture-perfect
Got a lot of pictures lying around? Add them to your home!

Start with your used coffee table. Place tasteful pictures of friends, family, or childhood across the table top. Pictures aren’t your thing? You can also take paper coasters from restaurants and arrange them on the table top. Then add table top glass in the same shape as your coffee table to place over your photos or coasters.

Hit up Craigslist for the glass. You may find the glass table tops chipped, but it ads character and probably won’t even be noticed, since everyone will be looking at the pictures or coasters. I’ve seen a nice one for $15. If you’re going to use coasters instead of photos, collect coasters of imported beer. These coasters tend to be subtle yet appealing, and frankly, they are just cooler.

Slipcover- $29.99 +tax= $32.44

2 New throw pillows- $7.99+tax= $17.30

2 Paintings- $20

Glass for table-$15

Grand Total: $84.74 – priceless.

You’ve just revamped the major focal points of your living room. Be proud of where you live and make it you.

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