Cute Front Porch Flower Pots Ideas To Try Asap 25
Cute Front Porch Flower Pots Ideas To Try Asap 25

40+ Cute Front Porch Flower Pots Ideas To Try Asap

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Do you have a container garden? Container gardens are friendly for porches, patios and decks where you don’t have a lot of mainstream gardening space. A container garden allows you to have herbs, vegetables and flowers in different sized pots right on your porch. But do your pots look like a hodge podge collection of many sizes and colors that don’t quite jive together? Then how about painting a bunch of inexpensive pots in a color(s) that complements your porch or patio.

Our daughter-in-law gave us this great idea. She wanted all of her flower pots to be black to go with her black wrought iron furniture, but the cost was prohibitive especially in the larger-sized pot sizes. She would have had to purchase more expensive ceramic pots to get them in black. So she purchased inexpensive plastic pots in various colors and sizes, took them home and spray painted them all black. She used a type of spray paint that’s specifically made for plastic.   The result? A great looking container garden with a unified look.

The pots look very smart with her black wrought iron furniture and black fire pit. So instead of noticing the pots, your eyes are drawn to the beautiful flowers she planted: zinnias, wave petunias, marigolds, dahlias and trailing vincas. Would work equally well with container vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis.   You could paint your pots any color you like.

Another idea would be to paint your pots in complementary colors, like forest green, emerald green and celery green. And yet another idea is to paint a pretty stencil on your pots after you spray paint them in your chosen color.  A little imagination and work can go a long way. When you tire of black pots, you could re-paint the pots a pretty golden color for the fall.

If you grow your flowers and vegetables in containers, consider spray painting your plastic pots to pull together the look you desire for your container garden. It’s easy, inexpensive and you can change the color whenever you want. It’s just another plus to container gardening. Why not try it this season?

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