Fancy Small House Contemporary Design Ideas That Easy To Try 37
Fancy Small House Contemporary Design Ideas That Easy To Try 37

30+ Fancy Small House Contemporary Design Ideas That Easy To Try

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Are you thinking of redecorating your home, or are you moving into a new home and wish to decorate it in such as way that it will be a joy to return to after each work day is done?

There’s a lot to think about, if so. Do you want to decorate each room in a different style, or do you want to have a single theme unifying everything?

Let’s examine every possible place you can decorate.

To begin with, how about your front door. There’s many a decorating style that says that your front door should not be a simple and unadorned piece of wood, but should rather look as if some care were taken with it – a basket with flowers hanging from the doorknocker perhaps and pots of flowers or small trees framing the entryway.

That seems a bit much, to those who enjoy the simpleness and minimalism of contemporary design. If you’re a flower lover a pot of roses by the door make a cheery welcome, but there’s no need to overdo it!

Enter the room and you come to the entry hall, which typically has a mirror for guests to check their hair before continuing into the living room, and a long table. Now, some styles will have you clutter up this hallway with everything under the sun, from a chair on which no one will ever sit, to two lamps on either end of the table which no one will ever turn on to a jumble of knick-knacks in the center.

Don’t fall prey to this temptation! A mirror is necessary, by all means, but don’t clutter up that table top. Leave the rich hues of its wood as its own ornament. Forget about the lamps – a single overhead light for the hallway is all that is needed.

The living room is, as its name implies, a place to live. It’s the place where practically every family spends most of its time – watching TV, playing cards, reading. Don’t clutter it up with lots of chairs that will never be used, or pillows on the couch and chairs that only get in the way. Keep it comfortable, and keep it simple.

The dining room? It used to be a tradition that every large house would have a formal dining room that was only used once or twice a year – at Thanksgiving and Christmas when the entire family gathered round. What a waste of space! If you don’t need a formal dining room to entertain colleagues, or families on a regular basis – don’t design one. Use the room for something else.

The same watchword of simplicity goes towards all aspect of design, from the window treatments to the accessories placed on fireplace mantels to the paintings on the walls to the decor in your bedroom. Don’t overstuff your rooms because that’s what your parents used to do. It’s a lot easier to keep your home clean if you don’t have a lot of clutter getting in your way.

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