Inexpensive Wall Gallery Ideas For A Perfect Wall Décor On A Budget 44
Inexpensive Wall Gallery Ideas For A Perfect Wall Décor On A Budget 44

40+ Inexpensive Wall Gallery Ideas For A Perfect Wall Decor On A Budget

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Canvas art painting has the power to beautify your house in a frightfully exciting way. Art and creativity go hand in hand. As a person who has a fetish for art, one can always take the liberty of coming up with his/her own ideas about using the painting.

Here are 5 creative ways which can be used to decorate your house with such a painting:

Framing it up: The right kind of frame can do justice to the painting and can also compound the beauty of the art multifold times. Quite often, an absence of frame can fail to elicit the true artistic beauty of a painting. While a frame can truly bring about a miraculous transformation, one must be discreet while choosing it. The right frame needn’t be expensive, since even some old frames can be reprised by adding some touch-ups and varnish strokes.

Substituting wire with ribbon: Another creative touch you can lend to a canvas wall art painting is to attach it to the wall with the aid of colorful ribbons, instead of the usual wires. Wires may look bland and can even erode the beauty of the art to some extent. Ribbons have that fabled and poetic look. They work brilliantly well with some paintings, especially ones which have some vibrant themes.

Teaming them up: In case, you have more than one canvas art, then you can even choose to team them up together side by side or in some other convenient arrangement. Grouping works best if the paintings are smaller in size or if the wall is spacious enough. But do keep in mind that the groping must not appear incongruous. The trial-and-error method will help you figure out the best combination.

Making a series: If the canvas paintings have a similar theme, then one can even make a series out of them and hang them side by side, as seen in galleries. For instance, if the paintings depict portraits of sports personalities, then you can arrange them in a row in some specific order viz. in chronological order or in order of their seniority.

Going for a hotchpotch: This can be construed as a bold move and it may or may not work for you as an individual. But one stimulating way of using art paintings for home décor is to create a hotchpotch of paintings with different themes and placing them together.

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