Best Neutral Kitchen Design Ideas To Try Right Now 42
Best Neutral Kitchen Design Ideas To Try Right Now 42

40+ Best Neutral Kitchen Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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Color is one of the factors which can add the mood of the rooms in your house including kitchen. The right color option will be able to bring the bright or dark effect to your kitchen. However, choosing the right color means you have to match it with the rest of the home decor. The color should be stimulating and restful, inspiring, and relaxing. Here are a few color options which can choose for your kitchen.

Warm colors

Warm colors will be the right choice when you have a minimum space. Read is the example of warm color. It can cause anxiousness feelings since it tends to overstimulate senses. To make your kitchen more exciting and inviting, you can offset the red with toasty brown or cool white.

Some other examples of warm color are yellows and oranges. They are less intense than red. Those colors are able to work nicely with traditional design, Tuscan styles kitchen, or country style. If you have modern or contemporary kitchen model, you can try brighter shades to match the appeal of your kitchen design.

Cool colors

Cool colors commonly deal with a nature such as green and blues. It is able to bring a relaxation sense to your kitchen. They are refreshing to look and can work well for modern and traditional kitchen design. Lighter cool color shade is able to counterbalance with large appliances and darker wood. On the other hand, if you use dark cool color shade, you will need sharper contrast to avoid sense of lethargy. For the example, you can use read splashes in accessories to counterbalance with darker greens. Bright whites will be able to play off darker blue shades.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors such as slate gray, sandy brown, and antique white will be other good options for your kitchen. It is very versatile for color play with accessories and artwork. For example, if you have a bright red ceramic tea set, you can play it against the wall with whispered color painting.

Mixed colors

If you want your kitchen to be able to add a dynamic feel, you can try mixed contrasting colors. To accentuate your wall, you can use warm color such as yellow or bright red and paint the rest of the wall with a creamy brown or smooth white.

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