Amazing Store Bath Toys Design Ideas That Will Kids Love 07
Amazing Store Bath Toys Design Ideas That Will Kids Love 07

30+ Amazing Store Bath Toys Design Ideas That Will Kids Love

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Babies are very adorable when they are splashing around in the bathtub. Many parents use toys to woe their babies into taking baths. To keep the bathroom organised and tidy you need to have bath toy storages.

The storages not only aid in keeping the toys organised, they also make it easy for the toys to dry thus eliminating the dangers of them developing mildew or mold which can be fatal for your child.

Factors to consider when buying bath toy storages

Space: When buying the storages you should go for those with plenty of spaces. This is to allow water to drain off easily. The spaces also leave enough room for air to circulate.

Tile texture: there are some storage options that are mounted on the wall using suction cups. For the cups to stick on the tiles the tiles must be flat and non-porous. You should run your hands over the tiles and if they are grainy and bumpy the cups can’t stick.

Ease of use: as rule of thumb you should ensure that the storages that you go with are easy to use. They should make it easy for the baby to store and remove the toys.

Different types of storages

There are many types of storages that you can go for. The most common ones are:

Scoop and store: they are designed to resemble a water jug only that some of the areas have holes for water to run out. These units are ideal for parents with kids that have a lot of toys. Using the device you are able to remove almost all the toys in one scoop.

Once you scoop the toys you can place them on a mounted base station or on your wall where the device is held in place by a suction cup.

Storage basket: this is basically a basket with holes for water to drain out. There are many types of baskets. For example, there are those that are wall mounted while others sit directly on the bathroom floor.

While these units are great, it’s recommended that you avoid storing a lot of toys in them. This is because when you store a lot of toys you tend to make it difficult for air to circulate.

Storage net: it’s similar to fishing net and is made from a fishing net weave or mesh materials with smaller holes. The cool thing with it is that it has many holes thus making it easy for air to circulate around the bath toys. This ensures that the toys dry quickly thus eliminating the chances of mild or mold developing.

Bathtub mounted storages: these ones can be grouped into one large category. They mount directly onto the bathtub thus making it easy for the baby to put away the toys after bath time.


Regardless of the bath toy storage you choose you should ensure that it’s of high quality. You can do this by buying the storage from a reputable store.

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