Attractive Indoor Pond Design Ideas That Feels Like In Outdoor 38
Attractive Indoor Pond Design Ideas That Feels Like In Outdoor 38

40+ Attractive Indoor Pond Design Ideas That Feels Like In Outdoor

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A new design trend has started in the past couple of years, having an indoor pond. Basically, this can be as simple as a small fountain to an elaborate waterfall system complete with Koi fish swimming around.

For many people, having an indoor pond is the keystone piece of their interior decorating, and the rest of the living room revolves around it. It really does generate a lot of interest and comments from your guests, especially if you have landscaped it effectively.

One indoor pond that I have seen filled an entire wall and was located behind floor to ceiling glass. There was a waterfall that took up about a third of the wall, and there were numerous plants growing in profusion, it literally was bringing the great outdoors inside the house. The total effect was stunning. I have no idea how much this particular indoor pond cost, but it is possible to replicate it on a smaller scale at a very reasonable cost.

The fastest and easiest way to create an indoor pond is to buy a complete ready made fountain and pond combination. These can be acquired at one of the big box hardware stores, at the bigger nursery stores, and of course online. Basically, you pull the parts out of the box, do some minor assembly, fill it with water and plug in the fountain. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The downside, these fountains do splash water and can destroy a carpet or wooden floor in a short period of time. It is best to set them on a tiled floor, or construct a waterproof floor to set the indoor pond on. You can then cover the waterproof floor with rocks and plants to create a wildlife sanctuary in your living room. You probably should also erect some type of splash guard around the edge of the indoor pond to protect your walls from water damage.

Many people keep Koi or other fish in their indoor pond for aesthetic purposes. There is something mesmerizing about watching Koi swimming peacefully around and through your water garden to help you relax at the end of a stressful day. Some people even go so far to say they prefer to watch their fish swimming than to watch TV.

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