Unique Toy Storage Design Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap 38
Unique Toy Storage Design Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap 38

40+ Unique Toy Storage Design Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap

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Finding storage space can be a hassle when you are living in a smaller home. Inevitably, space is limited. Here are 11 storage tips for you that will solve your storage woes and at the same time, leaving you with a cozy, intimate and organized home:

  • Purchasing made to measure furniture – In a small space, sizing down is probably the only choice available. Many a time, furniture comes in fixed size and shapes and they often have shapes that take up lots of excess space. Purchasing custom built in cabinets and closets allows efficient space utilization, albeit expensive. Be sure to custom make a to-the-ceiling cupboard to provide both maximum storage and emphasize the room’s height.
  • Going vertically up – Going up, literally, is one of the most efficient storage methods available. It dramatically increases your square footage exponentially! There are many places you can store things vertically. Consider using the back of the door or a wall. Hang pots and pans on the kitchen wall to save space in the kitchen. Install wooden bookshelves behind the bedroom door and you not only save on space, you also create a fresh look.

  • Building a media storage system – A television set can easily be up to 42 inches today. Yes it provides the family with superb entertainment, but it also takes up precious space. Build storage ideas around your television set such as shelves and cupboards. Place the television set on a television console and you have space to store your CDs.


  • Look under the stairs – The space under the stairs are often overlooked and wasted as a result. However, it is perfect for storing rarely used items such as elaborate dining utensils, display family photos and keep special items tucked away safely.


  • Tiny spaces – We are often faced with tiny spaces that don’t seem to be able to keep anything inside it. However, by building shallow drawers into these tiny spaces, we are able to store items such as cookie sheets and towels.


  • Under the bed – There is ample space under the bed and it is sufficient enough to place pull-out boxes beneath which can keep away bulky toys and clothes. Even better still, you can keep suitcases and keep them out of sight. For an even efficient way of storage, purchase a bed frame with built in drawers.


  • Turning bed’s headboard into storage – An even smarter way of storage, purchase a bed with a big headboard which can be used for storage. Headboards are convenient for frequent accesses and you can store your blankets, pillows, bolsters as well as bed sheets in it.


  • Using boxes and baskets – Baskets and boxes not only appear neater, they also create ample storage spaces for smaller items. You can keep anything in them ranging from jewellery to toys. They can be displayed out openly and even add to your décor. They are also easily transported from one place to the other. Stack the colourful boxes and baskets up with contrasting colours to provide a visual interest.


  • Reconsidering furnitures – Many bedroom furnitures are pretty but are very much useless. They takes up loads of space yet provide little to none storage spaces. Nightstands are pretty, but don’t do much except holding your bedtime book and mobile phone. Purchase a bed with a shelved headboard if you must and you can store the same items as previously. You can also store books, clothes and other items.


  • Smart kitchen cabinets – Thru the use of corner spaces, more storage ability is added to the cabinets. The added spaces are just nice to store small appliances and pans. Not only does this method increase storage capacity, it also removes items from the kitchen top, allowing it to be neater and less cluttered.


  • Stack and stack – Stacking is a very efficient way of storing things. Whenever possible, try to stack things. In the case of clothes, stack clothes that are seldom used, as high as possible. In the same dimensions, stacking allows you to store way more clothes as compared to hanging them in the wardrobe.

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