Fabulous Room Dividers Design Ideas With Modern Aquarium 40
Fabulous Room Dividers Design Ideas With Modern Aquarium 40

40+ Fabulous Room Dividers Design Ideas With Modern Aquarium

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Fish tank room dividers may be freestanding, stand alone, portable, rolling or mobile. They are available in oval, rectangular, hexagonal, circular or semi-circular shape. The style and design possibilities for fish tank room dividers are just endless.

When buying fish tank room dividers from online retailers, make sure that they also offer customize tanks which are ideal options if you need to have a specially-designed tank.

75 Gallon Hexagon Marine Fish Tank:

Fish tanks as partitions are unique as it is. But you can add more interest to your modern home décor by installing this hexagon-shaped fish tank. It comes with wet and dry filter, bio-balls, Rio 2100 submersible pump and 18-inch fluorescent lighting. It also comes with canopy and oak stand. The dimensions are 25 inches by 30 inches.

4ft Tall Clear Acrylic Fish Tank by Caspian Column Aquarium:

This attractive acrylic aquarium will complement any contemporary home décor. You would not regret incorporating this aquarium in your remodeling ideas. It comes with garland, air pump, water pump, undergravel filtration unit, lighting, natural gravel, base tray and cable tidy. If you plan to use tropical fish, you may consider getting a heater.

Bar & Coffee Table Aquaria:

Who says you cannot make a small space look interesting? This fully functional table aquarium is a perfect replacement because it is made of quality materials such as acrylic or glass. It can accommodate tropical, saltwater or coldwater fish. Size options are many.

3ft Tall Clear Acrylic Fish Tank by Adriatic Column Aquarium:

Any home would benefit by installing this fish tank. It features a cable tidy, water pump, garland, undergravel filtration unit, lighting and air pump. For optional accessories, you have a heater which is required if you plan to place tropical fish in your aquarium, and acrylic base tray in black color.

The Picture Frame Aquarium:

If you are looking for a unique and artistic addition to your home décor, consider this picture frame tank which can be mounted on the wall. It features a mirrored interior that brings the illusion of a beautiful and spacious underwater world. The unit protrudes about 124m from the wall. It comes with a hand-crafted frame, glass material and mirrored back. The finish options are polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and wood. The standard accessories are heater, aerator/filtration unit, blue or white lighting, rock display, sand or natural gravel and silk plants.

Ocean View Series – 93, 100, 110, 120, and 180 gallon U-shape Room Divider:

These dividers feature seamless curved glass tanks, hand-crafted canopy and hand-made cabinet stand. You can choose from many available models, including a white oak/white cherry tank which will look good on a room with white walls, golden oak tank which will blend well in a room with natural wood furniture, European beech tank in various wood species and rich and classy rose cherry tank. Prices of these tanks vary depending on options at 4fishtank.com.

Because there are numerous fish tank room dividers available from various suppliers and manufacturers (aquariumgroup.co.uk, aquarium-design.com), it would be to your advantage to compare features and prices before you decide to buy.

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