Outstanding Kids Jungle Room Design Ideas To Creative Explorer 46
Outstanding Kids Jungle Room Design Ideas To Creative Explorer 46

40+ Outstanding Kids Jungle Room Design Ideas To Creative Explorer

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Designing your child’s room can be a fun and creative experience, until you’re faced with the task again a few years later. Your son may love that superhero themed room now, but what about when he grows into sports? And your daughter may adore that princess themed room while she’s little, but what about when she starts becoming a woman and wants a more sophisticated room? The trick is to design a room that can easily grow with your child.

From the cradle to college, your kids are ever changing and with equally changing tastes. The key to designing a room that can change with your child is the function of the space and furnishings. Choosing functional furniture that will last from the toddler years to the teen years will make updating your child’s room easy. You can find cribs that convert into toddler or day beds, bassinets that can become toy boxes, and changing tables that can change into dressers. These multi-functional pieces can help you save money and time when converting your baby’s room into a toddler’s room.

Full-sized beds, dressers, and desks can grow with your kids and can also be revamped with a simple coat of paint if necessary. If your little tikes want bunk beds when they are younger, consider the kind with a futon on the bottom bunk. That way when they get older and outgrow sleepovers, they can still use the bottom bunk for lounging or hanging out in their room.

Paint color is also an important aspect when designing your kid’s room. While they may want funky colors one day, soon they will be over that color and want a new one. One thing you can do is choose a neutral color to paint the walls, with a vibrant-colored accent wall of their choice. This way you can change the color of the accent wall when desired without having to repaint the entire room.

The use of a wall mural can also transform your child’s room with an image or pattern of their choice, and still be easy to change a few years down the road. A playful jungle-themed mural can be easily changed into a sports-themed mural. And a fairytale-themed mural can be easily changed into a scenic tropical mural. With a peel and stick material printed in strips, installation of a wall mural is quick and simple. Its durable, stain-resistant, and water-resistant properties are also great for any kid’s room. You can customize your mural for any size, surface, and image.

You can also liven up the neutral walls with fun wall art. Adding pops of color through unique and creative pictures can add excitement to the room and can also be changed out easily through the years. If your kid would like to have colorful walls instead of neutral walls, consider something other than the traditional pink or blue. Choose more sophisticated color palettes that can evolve from cheerful and childlike to funky and teenage, such as soft sherbet-colored tones of lemon, lime, and orange.

Choosing more sophisticated accessories in your child’s room, such as beautiful rugs, light fixtures, and draperies, will be appropriate at all ages. Functional and stylish storage is also an important aspect to consider when designing your child’s room. A mix of permanent and transportable containers, such as painted wooden crates or metal bins can be stylish storage options through the years. Bins can be easily stored under the bed, on bookshelves, or in the closet, and can hold their toys and craft supplies when they’re younger, and shoes or accessories when they’re older. The use of a sturdy bookcase will let your child display their toys and picture books in their toddler years and their pictures and textbooks in their teen years.

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