Latest Ranch House Design Ideas With Original Wood Beams To Try Asap 37
Latest Ranch House Design Ideas With Original Wood Beams To Try Asap 37

40+ Latest Ranch House Design Ideas With Original Wood Beams To Try Asap

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Wood beams give the look of integrity, stability, depth and appeal. Historically, exposed interior wood beams were structural building components used in a technique called “post and beam construction”. This method of construction is still practiced, but is very expensive. Today, many different products are available that look like real beams but are actually fake. The most popular fake wood beams are made of molded “high density polyurethane foam” or HDF.

When molded, High density foam will create an exact duplication an original wood beam. HDF will not warp, twist, rot, bend, split, and is much lighter weight and easy to install. This material is waterproof, so it can also be used as an exterior product. HDF wood rafter tails, truss tails, corbels, brackets and planking or paneling are often used to complement the beams.

Fake wood beams are hollow (“U” shaped) and easy to install. Most have a thickness of around one inch, so they weigh a fraction of real wood beams. Real wood beams require reinforced concrete and extra wood studs or beams in the wall to support the weight, which is very expensive. HDF beams simply attach to the drywall with 2x blocking, urethane adhesive and a few trim nails or trim screws. In most cases, a room full of beams can be installed by 2-3 people in just a few hours.

A real wood beam that is 8″ x 10″ x 20′ will weigh a minimum of 325 pounds, depending on its moisture content. This beam will require a forklift or a crane to lift it into place and, in new construction, will be installed in the framing stage which will require many months of protection against damage. HDF beams will typically be installed towards the end of most projects, so there will be no concern about protecting them against damage.

HDF beams are available in many textures and come primed or stained. From hand hewn too light sandblast, these beams look very real and require little or no maintenance. When choosing a fake beam it is important to make sure it is being manufactured from a reputable company, and its density is above 12 pounds per board foot. There are a few manufacturers that import these products from overseas and use 4-8 pound density foam. These beams are 25-50% less expensive, however they are easily damaged, especially when being shipped, and are fragile when handling and installing. It is also important that the stain, glaze or finish that is used is designed for urethane, especially if they are for exterior use.

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