Chic Diy Outdoor Firewood Storage Design Ideas That Will Inspire Everyone 20
Chic Diy Outdoor Firewood Storage Design Ideas That Will Inspire Everyone 20

40+ Chic Diy Outdoor Firewood Storage Design Ideas That Will Inspire Everyone

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When you are trying to find a good firewood storage rack for your outdoor firewood storage, you will be pleased to know that they can be found in a wide variety of designs and styles. Typically, common types of these that are available will be lightweight, durable and sturdy because they will be made of tubular steel.

An outdoor firewood storage rack will typically come in either face cord or half face cord sizes. A face cord measures eight feet by four feet, while a half face cord is four feet by four feet. If needed, you can usually get steel brackets that will let you modify your storage rack by adding 2×4 wood to give you the capacity and size rack you want. This modification works well when you have an unusual size space to fill.

Properly seasoned wood for burning has a moisture content of approximately 20%. If the moisture content is much higher, the wood will not burn properly. On the other hand, if the wood has significantly less moisture, it will burn too quickly. Neither too much nor too little moisture is ideal for proper burning. If you would like to monitor the moisture content of your firewood, you might consider investing in a wood moisture meter.

When you stack your wood into the outdoor firewood storage rack, make sure you place the wood in perpendicular or parallel rows, because the circulation of the air is essential. As the air circulates around and through the pieces, its moisture content will become more stable. And of course, this means you will have a better fire if you let this happen. Circulating air decreases the moisture content and also helps reduce bugs or other vermin infestation.

An outdoor firewood storage rack and the wood should always be stored off the ground to help deter rot as well as to deter infestation from termites, beetles and other insects. Keeping your wood elevated off the ground and even far away from your building as possible is important, because termites and other insects will usually be attracted to it.

Besides having an outdoor firewood storage rack, keeping a few wood boxes on your patio or porch can also be convenient. These boxes will let you keep several days worth of firewood handy and you will not need to go out to your main woodpile if the weather turns bad. If your porch is not covered, put tarps or lids on your wood boxes to keep your firewood nice and dry even in rain or snow.

Hardwoods are the best types of wood to burn in your fireplace or wood-burning stove. Walnut, hickory and oak are great because they burn longer and hotter, although these kinds of woods will cost more. Softwoods such as cedar, spruce or pine can be used for kindling because they are easier to get going and burn much quicker. Make sure your wood is seasoned and dry, no matter what type you will be burning.

Traditional steel log hoops and decorative racks are good choices if you are looking for something attractive to use indoors. Online, you can search for attractive outdoor firewood storage racks featuring designs that appeal to you that will provide the correct kind of place to keep your firewood.

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