Latest Scandinavian Workspace Design Ideas That You Need To Try 39
Latest Scandinavian Workspace Design Ideas That You Need To Try 39

40+ Latest Scandinavian Workspace Design Ideas That You Need To Try

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If you’re considering changing your office layout, or about moving to new premises, then you might have got something specific in mind. Alternatively, you might not know what you want, or what to look for.

Here’s what you need to think about.

1. It’s important that you know why you want a new workspace design. Perhaps you have too many staff for your current office layout, and it’s hard to get from one side of the office to another. You might want to take advantage of technology, and need a video conferencing, or podcast room. Or perhaps you’ve come to the conclusion that some departments might improve productivity by working together in the same room.

2. You’ll need to think about your current needs and future needs. Will you have enough space to open drawers, or for visitors, or for people to walk past desks? What about if you add more staff? What if technology changes and you need more printers, or several more large screen TVs?

3. You’ll also need to make sure that you take into account the needs of specific members or staff, or departments. Do your sales team need a quiet area so that they can be on the phone all day? Do you want your marketing team to have space to sit and think of ideas? Do you have enough meeting rooms?

4. You’ll also want to decide whether there is anything In particular you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you need to make more workspace. You might want to improve communication between staff and departments, or you might want more offices for managers.

5. If you want to change the style of your office, or company workspace, then you’ll want to choose something appropriate for your industry. A marketing company will want to portray different impression from a firm of solicitors.

6. You’ll need to think carefully about the types of furniture you choose. Whilst you might be looking at modern, minimalist and stylish furniture, or something or solid and durable, it might not really be appropriate for your company.

7. The colours you choose will say a lot about your company, and will amongst the first things that visitors notice. In addition, you and your staff will have to work in this environment, so it needs to be conducive to work.

8. The furniture and accessories you choose have to be appropriate and suitable. You’ll still need storage space, and staff will want room on desks for documentation, brochures and notepads. You’ll want to make sure that your tables, filing cabinets, or desks are the right size and shape, so that people can actually work.

9. You’ll need to be aware of the timescale involved in your office fit out, so that you don’t expect everything done within a couple of days, or won’t be left hanging around for months waiting for someone to come and finish off your workspace design.

10. Whilst you’re likely to have a budget, it’s important that you don’t choose your office fit out on cost alone. You’ll need to make sure that you are kept aware of the costs, and spend the majority of your budget on the important areas that really will make a difference to the productivity of your staff.

Now you know what to think about when planning a new workplace design, you’ll get the office fit out you need first time.

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