Gorgeous Winter Garden Design Ideas With Backyard To Try 28
Gorgeous Winter Garden Design Ideas With Backyard To Try 28

40+ Gorgeous Winter Garden Design Ideas With Backyard To Try

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Backyards – one of the most vital yet most neglected sections of the house. However, they can prove to be great utility areas, if designed & managed well. Just think about having your own little zoo, or a private swimming pool, or a personal barbecue station – all in your very own backyard. Interesting indeed! But when it comes to realizing the thought, most of us get perplexed and wish if we could know the recent trends of backyard designing. Well, here are some of the ideas that can help you turn your regular looking backyard into a centre of appreciation.

Geometrical Patterns

Garden designs, with the lawn taking central attention, and rest of garden designed around it, are largely popular. Among lawn designs, geometrical shapes are a big hit these days. Grass shaped in squares, triangles etc, separated with concrete or tiles, gives a much groomed look to the backyard. Simple and modified pergola designs with little carpentry go perfect with such lawns.

Segments & Topiaries

Where backyards are spacious enough, creatively segmenting it into different interest zones like a pets’ corner, play area for kids, bonfire circle, kitchen garden, etc. enhances utility, along with giving it an artistic touch. The various segments can be made through hedges and connected through gateway-shaped, flower and creeper laden topiaries.

Artificial Turf

For those who fantasize a perfect looking backyard with fresh green grass, but are traumatized over the thought of its maintenance, ‘Artificial Turf’ has come to your rescue. Almost as soft as natural grass and without any worries of wear & tear, mowing & watering and dead patches, it is ideal for outdoor dining area, play area and for edging.

Outdoor Kitchen with Kitchen Garden

Outdoor kitchen area is a huge hit now days. With cylindrical clay ovens (tandoors) and barbecues, cooking in the midst of nature is bliss. If it is coupled with a privately owned kitchen garden, nothing can be better. As inflation and adulteration both are on rise, a well-managed kitchen garden can take good care of your pocket as well as health. All you need to do is plant a mix of perennial and seasonal vegetables and share a part of produce with the neighbours, and soon your backyard will be a hit in the vicinity.

Water Features

You can take your backyard to the next level by adding an element of sound in the design – with a little touch of ornamental water features. Small waterfall, brook or fountain, apart from being visual delights, can host a number of colourful, melodious bird guests to your place.

Modern Designs

Those in crowded cities and with racing lifestyles need not let their heart sink down. They can content their naturist tendencies with the modern designs, with more of hardscapes (wood, stones, glass, steel and concrete) and less of plants. These designs are easy to maintain and can be easily experimented with, to make them suitable for small balcony or porch.

Theme-Based Designs

Going for theme based backyard can also be one of the unique ways of designing it. Themes can be season based, colour based or anything that interests you. However it might call for some extra expenses, especially if you are prone to getting bored of a particular theme quickly. (Season based theme will prove expensive for obvious reasons)

Designing requires you to unleash your creativity. The 3A principle of ‘Absorb, Amend and Apply’ can help to create numerous designs for your backyard. You can always seek help from professional consultants or online sources.

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