Outstanding Kids Desk Design Ideas To Inspire Everyone 49
Outstanding Kids Desk Design Ideas To Inspire Everyone 49

40+ Outstanding Kids Desk Design Ideas To Inspire Everyone

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Get the most out of your kid’s bedroom design by adding the perfect desk. Use this guide to kid’s bedroom desk design and you can be sure you’ll get the perfect desk design for your child’s room. Once you’ve selected the right desk setup, you can decorate it with fantastic home décor and accessories.


Getting the most out of your kids desk starts with choosing the right sized furniture. Because kids are so small, they need small furniture’s for their room. Desks should be in the vicinity of 19″-25″ depending upon the age and height of your child. Chairs should be as accommodating as possible to the desks height. A small adjusting chair should be employed with the desk so that as your child grows, you can adjust the chair to the correct height.


The shape of the desk is also an important part of any kid’s desk design. Hard, sharp angles are not a good idea for a child’s desk and should be avoided at all costs. Rounded corners and soft, flowing lines help to create an eye catching design that’s safe for children. Rounded children’s desks also go well with most décor designs and home accessories, making them a great choice for children’s desk designs.


One of the best desk styles to choose for children is one that is colorful and full of life. Choosing bright and bold colors can help appeal to the child’s creative side. Accenting the room with a bright and colorful eye catching desk can help to spur home décor ideas for the entire room. Whether you paint the desk yourself or you buy a desk that is already painted, be sure to choose a painted surface that is made from high gloss paint. This will help repel crayons, markers and pencil marks from overzealous artists.

Angled vs. Flat

Some parents prefer an angled desk to a slanted one. This preference allows children to more easily draw and write comfortably when working at the desk. Some children’s desks are adjustable, allowing the desk to lay flat or to be angled at nearly any desired position. Angled desks also prevent children from using their desk as a table for drinks, making spills a thing of the past. While a slanted desk does have its specialties and benefits, it doesn’t allow for table decorations and other desk items to fit on the tabletops surface.

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