Creative Wood Bedroom Floor Design Ideas That Look More Beautiful 45
Creative Wood Bedroom Floor Design Ideas That Look More Beautiful 45

40+ Creative Wood Bedroom Floor Design Ideas That Look More Beautiful

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These days, wood flooring has become irresistible to homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. With its lifelike texture, unparalleled dependability and its ability to mimic natural planks of hardwood, you’d be “hard pressed” to find a better alternative to real wood floors. The fact is, flooring offers several advantages over its more traditional (and costlier) partner. Here are just a few reasons to consider laminate for your new flooring project.

Laminate is Naturally Resistant to Scratches, Scuffs and Stains

Laminate is built to handle whatever life can throw at it – without forcing you to rearrange your furniture to cover telltale stains, scratches, dents and fading that can warp cheaper floors. New advances in realistic looking wood laminate flooring have also made it possible to give your floors the look of a more expensive design. Whether you’re in love with the exotic beauty of Brazilian cherry, or you love the homegrown popularity of maple or oak, chances are there are several laminate varieties that will look right at home in your home.

Easy Upkeep Makes Caring for Laminate Flooring a Breeze

While no type of flooring is completely resistant to dirt, stains and spills, laminate is certainly the hardier of the most popular floors. Of course, when caring for your floors, it’s a good idea to avoid and prevent as much debris as possible by adding things like doormats, area rugs and runners in hallways and high traffic areas. Wood flooring never needs to be re-sanded or re-finished and you should never lacquer, stain or polish your laminate floors the way you would with traditional wood floors. You should also never steam clean your laminate floors. Basic dusting and sweeping as well as damp mopping should give your laminate flooring years of dependable use without any special upkeep or maintenance.

When to Choose Quality Made Laminate

Wood laminates can last for years and can withstand heavy foot traffic with ease. You’ll also be glad to know that laminate is more eco-friendly than classic wood flooring and if you’d like, you can also install it yourself using its easy snap together system. Laminate works and looks best in just about any area of your home, including living rooms, dens, bedrooms and hallways. You’ll also want to consider factors such as how much sunlight an area gets, how much wear and tear as well as humidity and temperature. Some flooring comes with protective surface layers that prevent fading from sunlight and laminate has a reputation for handling humidity better than other types of floors. However, you shouldn’t use it in a room that susceptible to high levels of humidity, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

With so many reasons to consider wood laminates for your home, it’s a good idea to shop around and find a selection that inspires you and complements your home d├ęcor in the unique and creative way that only laminate can.

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