Fabulous Diy Easter Craft Design Ideas For Your Home Inspiration 22
Fabulous Diy Easter Craft Design Ideas For Your Home Inspiration 22

40+ Fabulous Diy Easter Craft Design Ideas For Your Home Inspiration

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If there are children in your life, you will undoubtedly be familiar with crafts of all kinds, With Easter around the corner there are many tried and true crafts that can keep our children happy for hours.

But there is always room to add new crafting ideas in your repertoire that may just make you the hit on the street.

Here are the perennial favorites that are a “must do” for your Easter crafting session plus a few that are fun and easy and add a bit of pizzazz to those eggs and cartons creations.

Thinking Outside The Egg Carton

  1. Pringles Can Baskets. Take a small empty Pringles can; cover it with pastel-colored construction paper. Glue ear-shapes at the top and feet at the bottom. Add googly eyes and pompoms for a nose and mouth shape. Use pipe cleaners to make the handle.
  2. Instead of messy egg painting, hard-boil some eggs and use stickers, glue-on felt or foam pieces for the younger crowd.
  3. Empty egg cartons are Easter crafts essentials. The cups can be cut out, painted and then add some pipe cleaners and you have colourful flowers. Cartons can also be painted and used to display newly decorated Easter eggs.
  4. Instead of using new construction paper for weaved Easter baskets, use strips of recycled magazine pages for a variety of color.
  5. Baby chicks in an egg basket. Glue yellow pompons into an egg carton, orange diamond shaped felt becomes the beak and add googly eyes for a fun effect.
  6. Go green this Easter by using your own grass instead of using the plastic kind. Or shred a newspaper and compost or recycle it later.
  7. Egg coloring tip: Draw on your egg with a crayon or unlit birthday candle. Then dip in dye and the wax patterns will remain.
  8. Empty eggshells with a small opening in the top make great edible Easter eggs. Layer a variety of candy melt colors for a fun design.
  9. Make baby chicks by traced hands cut out of yellow construction paper for the perfect wings.
  10. Instead of trying to die eggs with a design, do something easier. Die eggs in single colors and when dry, glue on ribbon, lace, rhinestones and small flowers for a more personalized look.

Fun At Any Age

Keeping up the tradition of seasonal crafting sessions is a great way to bring family together. Adding a fresh slant to old ideas can be a great way to keep family gatherings memorable and fun for all.

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