Inspiring Blue And White Home Decor Ideas For Your Inspiration 20
Inspiring Blue And White Home Decor Ideas For Your Inspiration 20

40+ Inspiring Blue And White Home Decor Ideas For Your Inspiration

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Blue is a very popular colour. It is calm and soothing, yet often rich and vibrant. Blue reminds us of holidays by the sea. The Greek islands with its sparkling white-washed houses and intense blue doors and window frames bathing in the sun immediately come to mind. The coolness of blue provides a welcome contrast to the heat of the sun.

Without a doubt the colour blue dominates the world around us. It is the colour of the sky and the oceans which both come in a myriad of shades. The colour of the oceans is reflected by changing light and weather and may change from a steely grey, to bright, deep or dark blue or even aquamarine.

And what about our fauna and flora? Our flora provides us with a palette of blue such as cornflowers, iris, hyacinth, jacaranda, agapanthus, lavender, bluebells and many others. Our fauna has incorporated just as many beautiful shades of blue e.g. the little blue wren, the kingfisher, the peacock’s fan, the crimson rosella – a gorgeous combination of red and blue.

Now let’s consider how to use these cool and sophisticated shades of blue to our advantage in home decorating.

  • All shades of blue look marvellous with white and in particular if you mix fabrics in the same shades but in different patterns and textures.
  • For a stimulating French country style interior a combination of bright blue with lots of white and natural shades of brown and terracotta looks homely and gorgeous.
  • A particularly elegant and relaxing atmosphere can be created by combining pale greyish blue with white, cream and warm pastels.
  • Pale blues are soft and easy to live with. These slightly warmer shades are being light without being too cold.
  • Blue will make your rooms look larger. However before you start decorating, check where the natural light comes from. If your room catches little or no sun, it will make your room seem cold.
  • Build around an existing piece of furniture or carpet in any shade of blue by adding a stunning display of china or earthenware from Delft, Prussia and China of course. Scatter cushions of various designs such as stripes, checks or floral. You will be happily surprised at the number of shades of blue that mix so well together.
  • If you are after a more formal setting then dark blue with fabrics in shades of natural creams/ivory looks striking. For a touch of splendour mix it with ‘gold’ accessories such as gold ropes and tassels to tie back curtains and gilded picture frames and mirrors.

As a rule of the thumb blue and white are natural partners. They are especially great for country style living and decorating. They look fabulous when mixed with natural timber flooring and furniture or with natural shades of brown and terracotta.

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